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Breast Reduction - Male

Cosmetic Treatment


In an adolescent boy or a middle-aged guy, the breasts are enlarging. It could just be fat or breast tissue. Liposuction and, if necessary, breast tissue excision are used to minimise the size of an enlarged breast. Having breasts may be highly humiliating for a man. During puberty, hormonal changes in the body (unopposed female hormones or low amounts of male hormone) cause breast tissue to grow and enlarge in some boys. In some cases, this will fade away over time. If it doesn’t, the leftover breast tissue and fat become the male breast.This can be eliminated in an aesthetic manner with liposuction and the use of specialised equipment. Gynecomastia surgery is also known as Key-Hole Male Breast Surgery. The scars are inconspicuous and will vanish with time. Because this is a day procedure, you will be able to return to work in a few days. The consequences are unchangeable. Swelling in the worked region takes roughly three weeks to go away.



Before-After Image